Atlas of King County Politics

A comprehensive atlas of electoral data. View it here:

Precinct-level voter turnout distributions

A plot of the distributions of about 70,000 measurements of voter turnout by precinct for 28 elections in King County, WA. Queried from an election results table containing 13,000,000 rows. Countywide mesaurements are symbolized in black, while measurements from precincts within the City of Seattle are symbolized in gray.

San Juan Islands Map

Built in QGIS with data from NOAA, US Department of Agricutlure, San Juan County, Whatcom County, and Skagit County

Was responsible for the contents of the backend databases used to provide address-customized ballots to millions of users of, a popular online voter guide application.

Middlefork Snoqualmie

Detail from map of the area around the Middlefork Snoqualmie valley in east King County, Washington.

Campaign Walk Maps

Example walk map produced for political campaigns. Shaded and numbered parcels indicate the locations of targeted voters. This format is an efficient way of orienting volunteers and communicating exactly where they need to go.